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TV out


The Chrontel 7007 digital PC to TV encoder provides a interface between your computer and the TV. The software provided here let's you take full control of all known and unknown features of this chip. At the moment it is assumed that your CH7007 is connected to a Intel 810 graphics controller since this is the only combination of chips we support.

The Ch7007 is controlled via i2c (smbus) and to do that you need to load the i2c-dev module.

The i2c-i810 driver depends on the i2c-algo-bit module, please make sure to load the following i2c-driver:

i2c-i810 (you must apply the patch provided below)

Now load the i810tv driver (insmod as user root).

You are now ready to launch the tv setup program (any user).

The i2c driver for i810e does not work. Apply this patch against version 2.6.4

The reason why this patch has to be applied is that the chrontel chip cannot pull-down the i2c-bus if the i810 chip has set a '1' on the bus. By setting the GPIO to an input in the i810 chip sets a '1' on the bus which the chrontel chip can pull-down to start communicating over the i2c bus. This patch changes the way the i810 sets a '1' by setting the port to input instead of setting the output to '1'.

Patch for i2c-i810.c

i810 TV driver
You need this driver to let the tvsetup porgram talk to the i810-chip

Compile and load this kernel module before starting tv setup.

TV setup
X-application to configure TV output.
X, gtk and gtkmm is required. tvsetup.tar.gz

Note:Device name of i2c-device is hardcoded in chrontel.c Change it to match your setup!!!!!!

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